Basic Membership Discount: Nov 2 2015



Do to the recent rise in price of Bitcoin the Coin Street News Basic Membership fee will be 30% off, or 0.35BTC, until November 5th. The goal of the Basic Membership group is to give you the tools you need to succeed on your own. The private forum hosts  the video tutorials and the trade/chart eMail notifications. There is also a chart room where you can ask question or just hangout during trading. With over a year of amazing calls behind us Coin Street News is well established as one of the top trade groups in all of crypto. Contact us for more details.

Basic Membership 1yr Anniversary: July 20 2015

Coin Street News

It came to my attention that CSN’s basic membership service is now 1 year old. Thank you so much for your support! The goal is to provide an economical option for new low cap traders to learn the basics of crypto currency charting and trend spotting so they do not get taken to the cleaners like most other traders.

The main forms of communication is the private forum where you can subscribe to eMail notifications for particular topics. There is also a chat group for people to discuss trends or ask questions. I have noticed that more people chat when BTC is above $250 and most people take weekends off. Yes it is open 24/7, but we all take time off.

The forum hosts video and chart tutorials that you can view at your own leisure. Members are encouraged to ask questions about what they do not understand. Most see better trading results in just a couple of weeks when they take the time to apply the knowledge……rather than learning the hard way like most of us had to.¬† The goal is for you to learn, and for me to teach you and not tell you how or what to trade. We follow trends, but we do not “pick” stocks or hard price targets like the common scam group. Basic knowledge can be used in all markets, and that is what basic membership provide. Contact us for any further questions on joining if you are interested.


Coin Street News (CSN): Premium Membership Launch



CSN is happy to announce the launch of the Premium Membership service. It was planned sometime ago but market conditions were not warranted at the time. Target markets to trade will be:


-High Volume Altcoins

-Trending stock & forex plays upon request*


There will also be more technical knowledge provide in the ways of:

-Profitable trade stratigies

-CSN’s trade strategy

-The astrological forecasting system CSN uses

-More 1-on-1 trade development*


The fee is a 20 000 DTC (DayTraderCoin) buy in. There will be a very small fee associated with anything marked with a “*” which will be collected on a monthly basis. The service will be capped at a maximum of 34 people, though the first offering will be 13 people with an expansion to 21 shortly after. You can purchase DTC and send it to CSN or if the market is too thin then contact us and you can be connected with a person to buy their personal shares.


* Update:

-Premium will not be opening spots for 8, 13, 21 and 34 people. It will be offerings up to 8, 13, 21, then 34 people. It is better for members if it slowly builds.

– 20K DTC is the entry fee. There will be no extra fees until summer 2015. At that point the membership will vote as to what (if any) fee structure there will be moving forward. CSN is going to assume that our ability to make great market calls will continue and that there will be a small quarterly fee.




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