About Coin Street News?

About Coin Street News

Our Mission Statement

Coin Street News is a comprehensive resource center for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We feature daily news, technical analysis, chart lessons, and PR Services. Our goal is to make people better traders and provide developers with an outlet to feature their coin.

Technical Analysis and Chart Reading

Knowing how to read charts is the most important thing any crypto trader can do.  Our Technical Analysis section not only focuses on current trends but also contains segments from our private member’s lessons.

Ultimately charts are crafted by bots, and bots work within specific mathematical patterns. No one can predict the volume of bad news months a head of time, but the charts can predict the key retracement points months a head of time.

Valuable Trading Resources

We strongly encourage developers to use the resources provided within the site. Far too often good coins suffer the wrath of false rumors and are ignored. Coin Street News will vett all potential stories and ensure that in a fair and free market the truth will be heard.

Emerging Crypto Market

Crypto currency is often refered to as the Wild West. Coin Street News sees cryptocurrency as an exciting new market and it is vital that fair media outlets lead crypto out of the Wild West and into the future.

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