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CSN Lite

In the coming days we will be launching CSN Lite. It will be a smaller, cheaper, monthly service offered during high volume “alt seasons”. Though we are firm believers in 1-on-1 time we have a massive back log of lower cap traders that just want the basics. They have zero desire to be a fulltime trader and are just looking for a small amount of education as well as quality charts to learn from.


After years of refining CSN Main’s services and signals, mixed with the huge demand and backlog for our services, we have found a way to present our vision in a “lite” version of the main idea we grew from. We started out as a service for low cap people, but as time progressed we lack the ability to take additional people because there is not enough hours in a day to service the demand. We hope that this new approach will allow low cap traders to flourish much like how people in CSN Main have throughout the years.


The above was from our last article. We are now ready to launch CSN Lite and will only be operating through the Telegram App service. December will be promo’ed with an official start date of January 2018. The focus of the room will be as follows:


-a few market updates per day,
-a small amount of education on what altcoin setups we are looking for,
-some alerts based on the Red & Blue bar system people have come to know on my Tradingview charts,
-and peer to peer learning in the chatroom.


For further info, questions, and pricing details please join the Q&A room on the Telegram App right here.



Free Public Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/DBtrr0JbYH1w3DuFkmmvPA

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