Not sure what to say about Litecoin other than the bleeding obvious. Lots of similarities in the downwards channel post all time highs. They are relentless in their resistance to upside movements. All buys during accelerated selling events, aka when price goes below support, have turned into a profitable trades. A year and a bit […]


  Visa is up well over 1000% from its lows during the 2008/9 financial crisis. The chart is a clear parabola and has shifted into top gear. The corrective phase will begin in an environment of rising rates. This will result in the currently over leveraged public to tighten spending and thus reduce corporate profits. […]

DayTraderCoin Swap

DayTradercoin is upgrading to a masternode coin. Please follow the instruction below for the swap process.   Instructions for the swap: – Go to “datadir” folder and backup the entire DayTraderCoin folder. Copy it to your desktop for now. How to find your datadir: Windows: go to search and type %appdata% Linux: it should be […]


    The Tezos foundation has recently announce the beginning of beta testing and the highly anticipated launch of the XTZ tokens. Fairly classic chart pattern going on at the moment with the pre-launch futures pricing. Seasoned traders will likely be buying the dips in this mark-up process into the actual launch day. Resistance could […]

ETH Seasonal Pivot Approaching

  This idea started on my Twitter account and then I added to it. Here it is archived for the blog. As you can see ETH has been bound to certain key dates. It is now time for it to start making its seasonal pivot.   Free Public Telegram Group: Charts are powered by the SCMR […]

Coin Street News Expansion

Expansion: Coin Street News (CSN) has long been just the 1 main group of traders with relatively low numbers compared to our competitors. We are  strong believers in 1-on-1 time and that mentorship deserves a high quality atmosphere. In 2014 and 2015 the DTC project was a great compliment to the CSN ecosystem. Supply and […]

Masternode Setup

My most favorite technical person in all of crypto just published an article that anyone interested in Masternodes and Masternode setups should read. Click here to read it.   Make sure to subscribe to the mailing list and join the free chat room to get charts as soon as they are published.   Free Public Telegram […]

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